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uhmeliamay asked:

hey so i totally trust your fashion sense, do you know of any cool stores that i can order from for back to school shopping (preferably cheap)? i need new clothes and hope you can help xx



omg i recently just discovered THIS SITE and it’s literally the BEST thing ever! it has FREE shipping worldwide and 20% off when you first sign up! their stuff is soooo cute and trendy with great prices, you’ll love it! definitely check it out :) <3

HOLY SHIT they even hide secret coupon codes when you explore the website! I saved so much money!!! ndsfuwfhgqh8hqfvdsh <333





Hi guys, so I wanna introduce to you guys a new website that lets you get paid just for answering simple surveys called MyView.

How does it work you ask?

Companies pay for research to have accurate information on their demographics. Companies get market research from MyView and you get paid some of the revenue for participating. They pay via paypal and giftcards.

Where do you signup?

You can sign up here!

I started using this today and I already made $16!

OMG i love this it’s like free money!

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